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Hottest Toys for Christmas 2017

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is making effort to give the best gift to their love ones. Presenting gifts to the kids is centuries old custom of Christmas and prates Santa give Christmas toys to children. 

Christmas gifts are the basic cause of children’s love for the event as they know it’s the time when they can get their favorite toy from their parents. At this moment, when only a few days are left in the Christmas, everyone parent is looking for the best Christmas gift ideas for kids.  

If you are one of them, then read the article to know the hottest toys for Christmas 2017. 


1.      Luvabella Doll

Do you have a cute baby girl? Gift an amazing Luvabella Doll for your little doll and surprise her with the best Christmas toy. The unique features of the doll make it perfect for your daughter and assure she would to owe it. 

The doll giggles when you tickle its tummy and talk like a real baby. It drinks water, speaks upto 100 new words, plays peekaboo and interacts like a real toddler.  Beautiful hair and fancy dress don’t give you a second thought and feel it the perfect Christmas toy for your baby. 

Buy Now - Spinmaster Luvabella - Blonde Hair $102.98 via Amazon

The original price of the doll is much higher, but if you want to get significant discount you can make purchase through our link and save your money from the hottest toy.  

2.      LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Having a LEGO set is the desire of many boys and everyone loves the features of the game. We are sure your kid will be super excited after getting it as the game is full of his interest and let them enjoy all the war features like spaceships, starships, guns, and other warfare material which is easy to use and provide  maximum user interaction. 

Buy Now - LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75184 Building Kit (309 Piece) - $34.76 via Amazon

Buy Now - LEGO Star Wars 2017 Advent Calendar 75184 - $34.76 via Walmart

The gift is ideal for the kids having age 5-12. However, you can also gift it to older kids who haven’t experienced the game yet.  

We give you super discounts to those who participate in various affiliate marketing programs launched by us to make your holiday season perfect.

3.      Beauty and the Beast Set


We assure you it will be the best gift you will see on the Christmas toys 2017.

Buy Now - Beauty and Beast Products via Toysrus

You can become Mrs. Potts or a tea and enjoy evening tea in a new way. The gift comes with batteries and available at very affordable price. Save your money from our links and which are linked to the retailer sites. 

It’s a wonderful Christmas gift which you can buy from our affiliate marketing programs which means you can get super discounts on every purchase. The beautiful beauty and beast cup set is extremely awesome and let you play with your doll. 

4.      Djeco Topanifarm Cubes

Are you a mother of an infant and want it to learn alphabets or make them introduce with the small animals? 


Buy Now - Djeco Stackable Cubes, Topanifarm (12 pc) - $20.99 - Amazon

The beautifully designed dejeco topanifarm is the best choice for your Christmas gifts. The appealing colors and durable material instantly grab their attention and there is no fear of cubes breakage as they are made of PVC. We recommend you pre order to ensure you paid commissions on purchases. 

Different animals are present in every cube and their names are mentioned as well. It is an easy yet effective way to introduce them these birds and animals.

5.      Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Vehicle

Paw patroller is a land to sea vehicle which have exciting features. In the last year, it was the most sold Christmas toy and this year the toy is high on the demand and people are enthusiastically ordering the Christmas toy for their kids. 


Buy Now - Paw Patrol Sea Patrol – Sea Patroller - $59.99 via Walmart

You can buy this great gift by using our links and without taking the tension of stock end of the retailer.  

The wonderful features of paw patrol include flash lights, Ryder, ATV vehicle for the rider, sound effects, a detectable anchor, and octopus. The wheels automatically transform into patroller when it goes from land to the sea.

6.      GLTC Walnut Toy Farm

Kids always love to visualize a life of adults like having own home and a farm house. So, there is nothing a better Christmas gift for 2017 than GLTC walnut toy farm. Small house lights up with batteries and there is a small house with pigs standing the inside. 


Buy Now - Walnut Toy Farm - £57.60 via GLTC

You can add value in your Christmas gift idea by separately buying tractor, farmers, and cars and all of these things are easily available on our affiliate marketing program on which means to answer the questions and get discount on the purchase of popular gifts.

7.      VTech Kidi Super Star

Participate in various affiliate marketing campaigns and increase the chances to get VTECH Kidi Super Star. 

It’s a great gift to boost the fun of your little performer as he/she can sing their favorite tunes on it and include or exclude various vocals. 

Buy Now - VTech Kidi Super Star - $34.99 via Amazon

The builtin recorder is available to record the song in their own voice while disco lights are present to give them a real feel of performance. 

It’s a amazing Christmas gift idea for the kids and they will enjoy their Christmas vacations a lot by organizing a club party for their fellow kids.

8.      LEGO Friends Sunshine Catamaran

There are 600-piece Sunshine Catamaran has catchy look are it seems the most popular Christmas gift for kids in 2017. 


Buy Now - LEGO Friends Sunshine Catamaran - $55.99 via Amazon

Make purchases through our link and get super discount on the thrilling toy. The beautiful colors of the toy make it fancy while there are many other things like ice cream, banana boat, mini doll figure, and two cute little dolphins. 

The gift is perfect for girls who like appealing colors and love to play with dolls and boats.

9.      Frooglies

Surprise your kid with the complete squad of Frooglies and let them enjoy the mutual buzz of Rabbit, Radish, and Lion. 


Buy Now - Frooglies: £25, Frugi via Welovefrugi

They are soft as made of cotton and perfectly crafted to give real feel of the toys when they hold them in their hands. 

The stuff is washable and you don’t need to worry if they get dirty. Follow out marketing affiliate links and make your access easier towards the Frooglie squad.

10.  Teddy Ruxpin

The love of teddy bear doesn’t seem to end and kids still love to see it in their Christmas gift box. With the passage of time, new features are being added to the teddy and LCD eyes are become a part of teddy ruxpin on the eve of Christmas 2017. 


Buy Now - Teddy Ruxpin - $99.99 via Toysrus

Use our affiliate links which direct you towards the retailer website and get super discount on every order. Teddy ruxpin is also ready to celebrate Charismas while wearing a cute jacket and a new haircut.

So, what’s your choice? We have mentioned 10 hottest gifts for Christmas 2017 for your kids and now it’s up to you to decide the best gift according to the taste of your kid. Celebrate Christmas and get peace of mind by seeing your kids happy.



Published On: December 21, 2017 by David

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