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New Year Gifts for Boys

New Year is the most awaited event which is incomplete without the gifts. Choosing a gift for girls is quite easy task if you’re a girl, but the case gets complicated when it comes to men. Most of the times we don’t know what they exact want as they are not expressive like women.

There are many presents for boys are available in the market which you can buy, but it’s the most special event and you will surely looking for the best New Year present for him to realize him his importance in your life.

Whether you are looking for an amazing New Year gift for your husband or want to surprise your boyfriend with a unique present for him, the article will surely help you out as we have collected top 20 New Year presents for boys which are within the budget limit of everyone.

Best New Year 2018 Gifts for Him

New Year is the time to acknowledge his efforts and love. New Year gift ideas are various, but some gifts are so versatile which you can give to anyone. These are some gift ideas perfect for husband, boyfriend, son, and father. 

1. Fitbit  Alta Fitness Tracker

To look handsome, you need to be fit. If your fitness guy follows this rules or he wants to follow, then nothing is a better New Year 2018 gift than than Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker.


Buy Now - Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

The tracker assists during workout and lets the user know about the heart rate, body temperature, and burned calories.

Apart from these benefits, it informs about the floors climbed and the active minutes used in exercise. The smart New Year 2018 gift for your boy will monitor his sleeps and sends messages when he will be needed to start his workout. Isn’t it wonderful!

2. Grooming Kit

Are you a mother of a teenager who is conscious about his personality or want to polish the looks of your boyfriend?



Buy Now - Beard Grooming Kit Gift for Him

Help him in achieving his goals by presenting him the best New Year 2018 gift which is Grooming Kit. The kit will surely help in the holiday season when he can pay attention to his skin.

The kit comprises essential skin care products like face wash, cleanser, and night cream which are highly effective and never harm the skin. It’s one of the best gifts 2018 for your husband, son, and boyfriend.

You can get this gift at nominal rates by making purchases from our links or by participating in various affiliate marketing campaigns. Groom his personality to boost his confidence!

3. Spicebomb Cologne

Men always love masculine scents as it give them manly confidence on their personality. Buy this top rated gift for your perfume for your husband and impress him with your high aesthetic taste.

Buy Now - Spicebomb Cologne

The artistic bottle looks very elegant and makes it the perfect choice for New Year 2018 gift for him. High quality perfume keep you man fresh all day long and keep the sweat smell away from him. Make his day perfect with perfect fragrance!

4. HD Dash Cam

Everyone loves to explore the world and want to capture every special moment. Let your son or husband polish their talent and collect beautiful memories. HD Dash Cam is the best gift for 2018 winter season when most of the people plan a trip with their friends and family.

Buy Now - YI Smart Dash Camera Car

High definition Dash Cam has a 4x digital zoom and infrared vision while it can also detect motion and record flawless videos. Get rid of blur images and capture the beauty of life in the most natural way. No need to worry about the durability and enjoy every moment at fullest.

5. Leather Wallet

Bulky wallets don’t only look bad but also disturb figure. Don’t let this happen to your man and give him a slim leather wallet which has enough space for things and occupies less space in the pocket.

Buy Now - Men Leather Wallet

Leather wallet is a great New Year 2018 gift ideas for men who don’t find much time for shopping even on special events like Christmas. Leather is durable material and lasts over a long run. Check the separate areas for cards and money to manage things in a better way. Order the gift today trough our links and get premium discounts on smart products.

3 Exceptional New Year 2018 Gift Presents for Husband

A husband is the most precious person for every lady. He loves you, take cares of you, and make every effort to bring smile on your face, and work hard to give you a royal lifestyle.

Don’t miss a chance to show your love for him as give him an exceptional present on the eve of New Year 2018 celebration.

Boss SoundLink Portable Wireless Bluetooths

If music is the passion of your husband, then let him dance on the beats by giving him portable speaker. Present him the best gift and make his New Year melodious and full of fun. The stellar sound of the speaker fills energy in the body and you don’t resist from dancing.

Buy Now - Boss SoundLink Portable

Portability feature allows him to keep his New Year 2018 gift anywhere while the water resistant quality lets him enjoy dance party even on the beach. It’s rechargeable and has 12 hours battery time. Don’t wait and order now to grab the best opportunity of buying Christmas gift 2017.

Whisky Stones Gift Set

Love and whisky taste good only in their purest forms. Make your New Year night romantic with your pure love to your husband and add value in it with pure whisky.

Buy Now - Whisky Stones Gift Set

No need to dilute your drink and compromise on it taste by adding ice in it. Use whisky stone to make it cool.

All you need to do is to freeze these stones and out them in your glasses. Steal his heart and experience the most romantic New Year 2018 night by presenting him an astounding gift.

Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy Ruxpin has maintained to make its place in top 20 New Years gift ideas for men. The perfect gift will remind your husband the moment when you both met first time and will make your New Year Night 2018 one of the most romantic eventsyour life.

Buy Now - Teddy Ruxpin

It’s surely an ideal gift for your husband which you can buy without disturbing your budget. LED eyes of the teddy bear glow red light while it sings mesmerizing songs to let you man know your feelings for him. The cute teddy is the perfectly made and will surely bring a big smile on his face.

3 Romantic New Year 2018 Gifts for Boyfriend

You both have enjoyed parties and celebrated birthdays together. Now, it’s the time to surprise him with an awesome New Year 2018 gift. Impress him with your elite choice and prove his choice is no less than perfect.

Wooden iPhone Skyline Protector

iPhone is one of the most precious assets of your man as he has spent considerable amount of money on it. Show him you equally take care of his worthy things and gift him wooden iPhone Skyline Protector on the eve of New Year 2018.

Buy Now - Wooden iPhone Skyline Protector

The sleek cover gives perfect grip and has slim design. There are various other colors also available for you.

The protector saves his iPhone from breakage due to the strong and flexible manufacturing material.Protect his belongings to boost his love for you.

The New Eco Show

Are you in love with a tech guy? Do your son crazy for technology? If yes, then surprise them with this marvelous eco show that works wonder.

Buy Now - Echo Show Screen Protector

No need to hold cell phone all the time as eco show lets you enjoy hands free music, videos, and face-to-face calls. Place it up to your security camera and see who has come. Make your man’s eco more worthwhile by giving him eco show.

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Health is wealth. So, give him wealth as gift on New Year 2018 and prevent germs attack. We are talking about PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer which cleanse the smartphone with the UV lights and kill harmful bacteria from it.

Buy Now - PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

All you need to do is to put your smartphone in the box and turn on the button. No restrictions are imposed on the frequency of sanitizing and you can cleanse your smartphone as many times as you want. Cut down the chances of germ transfer from his phone to his body and safe him from various diseases range from flu to hepatitis.

3 Amazing New Year 2018 Presents for Son

There is no definition and limits of mother and son love. Mothers always express their love for their sons and always try to accomplish his desires. These are carefully picked out gift ideas which you won't find at any other place.

Bluesmart Bag Edition

Buy Now - Bluesmart Bag Edition


If you’re a mother of a traveler, then you must have experienced the pain of losing his precious things during travel. Remove the lack of security factor from his travel and gift him a travelling bag on Christmas 2017. The top rated travelling bag is actually a smart bag which you can lock and unlock with the help of your mobile app. There is a built-in battery to recharge your smartphone. Moreover, it also informs the user about the weight of the luggage due to the presence of built-in bag sensors.

MVMT Watch

Foster his professional wardrobe with high-quality MVMT watch. The adorable watch is an extremely versatile Christmas gift for your son which will enhance his confidence and will remind him of your love every time.

Buy Now - Jiusko Swiss

The trendy watch gives a gentleman appearance and adds value in his personality. The gift is highly suitable for your teenager son. Wish them New Year 2018 in an elegant way and realize them the importance of time.

Holy Stone Drone

I bet this is the most unexpected New Year 2018 gift for your man, but he will definitely jump out of excitement when he will open up the gift box. It’s full of fun gift for your son who loves to make videos and has deep interest in technology.

Buy Now - Holy Stone Drone

The small drone is easy to fly and it makes HD videos due to the presence of VR capabilities. Connect WiFi with the drone or use HD camera to capture images.

The controller can efficiently control it with 6-axis flight control system and adjustable gyro sensitivity. May be you need to buy two Holy Stone Drones as it has immense potential to bring out the inner kid in your husband while watching your son with a thrilling drone.

3 Classic Christmas Presents for Brother

No matter how much you both fight, you love him. He is the one who used to beat you inside the home and beat other for you outside the home. Show your love for him and give him an awe-inspiring New Year 2018 gift.

Branded Clothes Trunk

Buy Now : Branded Clothes Trunk


Give branded clothes to him to give him a bossy appearance on New Year. Make a trunk of clothes and his favorite clothing item like shirt, pants, tie, and shoes. You must know the exact size and color choice of your brother to see the exact excitement on his face which you’re expecting. So, pay off what he can keep over a longer time period and benefit him in the real means.

FOREO Luna 2 for Men

There are only a few men who are conscious about their skin. If skincare is the most neglected area of your man’s life and he always finds it difficult to cleanse his skin, then present FOREO Luna is the best Now Year gift idea which will remove dirt and germs from his skin within a few minutes.

Buy Now : FOREO Luna 2 for Men


The use is easier and less time consuming than a tooth brush practice. Ultrasonic light is used in the brush which smoothly removes dead skin cells and gives you clear and healthy skin behind. He can unclog skin pores without spending hours on cleansing and toning.


Combine glamour and safety together and give him stylish sunglasses. This is a favorite Christmas gift of many men waiting for.


Buy Now : WearMe Pro Sunglasses

So, let your man know how much you care him and aware of his need by presenting him classic yet glamorous glasses to give him a chic look on 2018. It a great New Year 2018 gift that he can use all the year round.

3 Outstanding Christmas Gifts for Grandfather

Love and affection fill in the mind the very moment we utter the word grandfather. He is a person who loves you no matter what. Don’t forget him on the eve of New Year as he is the person who became Santa for you several times.

Smartphone Charging Stand

It’s an era of smartphones, but our grandfathers are still reluctant to use it. Remove his hesitation on this Year and buy a smartphone for him.

Buy Now : Charging Stand

He will learn the use of smartphone and will develop his interest in its features, once he will start using it. This New Year 2018 gift will let him make a video call with you after New Year Night and he will be able to send you voice message after celebrations. How adorable!

Lazy Pants

Nothing is more relaxing than lazy pants after a long day in professional attire. A set of lazy pants is a great New Year gift idea for him as the soft fleece material provides maximum comfort during night.

Buy Now : Lazy One Moose

The latest companies are introducing stylish lazy pants which your grandfather can wear both at home and outside. Make purchases through our links and order online without disturbing your New Year 2018 preparations.

Indoor Shoes

Comfortable and soft indoor shoes are an essential requirement of your grandpa who can’t walk in hard slippers. These shoes keep his feet warm and never cause any bruise or skin damage.

Buy Now : House Slippers Memory Foam

They are stylish, unique, and made of wool. He will surely love to wear these shoes and you will also feel good by giving such a perfect pair of cozy shoes to the man who always gives you love and comfort.

Participate in our affiliate marketing programs and get super discounts. All the New Year 2018 gifts are available online which you can order and get direct at your home. Express your with him and choose the perfect gift for him.

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