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Personal Information:
We only require your email addresses when you find our site interesting enough to signed-up for. We are in no way involved in any sort of agreement of selling your email addresses to any third-party marketers. We use your email addresses to send you occasional notification about latest coupon deals which we are sure you’d be interested in.

Aggregated Stats and Information:
It involves saving your IP address which is assigned to every computer surfing the internet. collects you IP address, stores it in a log and when you visit our website time and again, a pattern is noted to which our website’s algorithm shows you your most desired content. We often send our official newsletter on your email address which contains latest news and editorials about several shopping strategies and How-to articles.

Cookies Use: uses cookies to store very little yet important information into a small text file. It keeps your sign-in credentials so that next time you don’t have to go through the same log-in process again. By doing this, we only mean to improve the overall user experience and activity tracking so that you can be notified about the right deals at the right time.

Children and Privacy: implores the parents to spend time in making their children aware about the internet. Our site is a site for all but there are certain products which may not be of any use to kids. Try to accompany your kids while they are surfing through the internet. The kids under-13 are strictly to be monitored by the parents because offers nothing of use for kids below 13 years of age.

Link to Other Portals: is also linked with many other websites which include stores and even retail outlets which may or may not share the same privacy standards. We are totally responsible for every single action which is bound to happen while staying at SavingsFree. But we are not to be held responsible if an allied store is involved in any sort of issue.