Acceptance of Terms:

We may occasionally make amendments and improvements to the Terms of Use. In order to constantly keep enjoying the services we are offering, you are liable to acknowledge this Agreement and also you need to abide by all the alterations which we may do in future, in this agreement. It is one of your foremost responsibilitiesto keep a track of all the versions of this agreement and get yourself acquainted with the latest terms of use. It is being prompted beforehand that if any amends we’ve made or about to make, are not in any case agreeable to you, then you can stop using our services with immediate effect.


The terminology “Copyrights” basically refers to the protection of intellectual property upon which the foundations of SavingsFree.com stand. It comprises the layout, design, website code, business logic and processes. No other individual or organization may copy or reproduce any of the above-mentioned things in any form whatsoever without asking for proper permissions. Not even a part of it can be copied or reproduced. If someone of found guilty of such offence, reprehensions will follow. Savingsfree.com has a string policy against reproduction, transmission or the storage of the published content over any other media in any form whatsoever.

Savingsfree.com also doesn’t permit any kind of content from retrieval systems, databases or third-party sites without taking prior permissions.

Services Policy:

SavingsFree provides its services in the form of discount coupons as provided to us by the stores and retail outlets themselves. We are therefore, not to be held responsible for any kind of errors, omissions, expiration or redemption of the online promo codes. You should understand the volatility of the online coupons before you go for them. The responsibility of checking the codes while buying the product falls upon our customers and if anything wrong happens in the way, the store where the product is listed, is to be held accountable for. Savingsfree.com takes no responsibility towards the legality of the coupons and the terms of use are subject to change with or without prior notice.

Spam Policy:

SavingsFree.com is neither in favor nor does it practices sending unsolicited emails. Our customers enjoy the privilege of unsubscribing from the email list and they will find not a single email from SavingsFree afterwards.

Trademark Protection Policy:

The name SavingsFree.com, the SavingsFree.com logo and any other information regarding our website including every slogan or even images, are the trademark of SavingsFree.com. any information regarding the trademarks can’t be copied, imitated, reproduced in whole or in parts without taking prior permission. The rest of the images or logos which are to be found on the images of products belong to their respective owners.


The only goal of SavingsFree.com is to aid you in saving time, energy and money by giving you exciting coupon deals for online shopping. On several occasions, SavingsFree.com offers the customers with exciting chances to win coupons from affiliate partners who are entrusted with the job to promote their products. We do receive compensation for advertisements and commissions for shoppers who order in bulk, also there is referral fee involved which we get in return of every single click for the products posted by third-party vendors. But it doesn’t in any way contradicts with the fact that SavingsFree is only offering the hottest discount deals to the customers and will keep on delivering the top-notch services for long.